Welcome to Santorini, a picturesque gem in the Aegean Sea, famous for its stunning sunsets, whitewashed buildings, vibrant blue domes… and black beaches, which you will see in Perissa! Whether you’re coming for a relaxing beach holiday, a romantic getaway or to explore the island’s rich history and culture, getting from Santorini (Thira) National Airport to your destination is an essential first step.

A popular destination is Perissa, a charming village known for its long black sand beaches and lively atmosphere. This guide aims to provide you with comprehensive information on all the possible ways to travel from Santorini Airport to Perissa, so that you can choose the best option for your needs.

We’ll share practical tips and interesting facts to help you make an informed choice. By the end of this article, you’ll be fully equipped to get from the airport to Perissa and make the most of your time and enjoyment on this beautiful island. We will discuss local buses, taxis, private transfers and rental cars.

Location and distance

Santorini National Airport (JTR) is located on the eastern side of the island, near the village of Monolithos. Perissa is located on the southeast coast of Santorini. Between the airport and the village there is a rather high (for our island) mountain, so the road goes through the centre of the island. The distance between Santorini airport and Perissa is approximately 13 kilometres (8 miles). Depending on the type of transport and traffic conditions, the journey can take between 25 and 35 minutes for car and up to 1,5 hours for a public bus.

What you will see on the way from Santorini airport to the village of Perissa

The journey from Santorini airport to Perissa offers a variety of scenic views that capture the essence of the island. If you choose to hire a car or book a private transfer, shortly after leaving the airport you’ll pass through the villages of Messaria and Vothonas, known for their vineyards and traditional whitewashed houses. Let’s say, that you’ll have a chance to see some of the agricultural side of Santorini in this area.

Passing near the village of Pyrgos, you can see the charming village perched on a hill with panoramic views of the island. As you continue, the landscape changes, offering stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the island’s rugged coastline. If you prefer to take the public bus, the route to Perissa takes you through Fira, the bustling capital of the island.

As you approach Perissa, you’ll be struck by the dramatic contrast between lush vineyards and volcanic black sand beaches. The journey ends in the serene and inviting atmosphere of Perissa, where the clear blue waters and beachfront tavernas await.

How to get from the airport to Perissa in 2024

There are several transport options for getting from Santorini airport to Perissa, each catering for different preferences and budgets. These include public buses, taxis, private transfers and rental cars. Each mode of transport offers a unique set of advantages and potential disadvantages, which we will explore in the following sections.

Regardless of the transportation method you choose, it’s important to plan ahead, especially during peak tourist season when demand for transportation services can be high. The airport features a dedicated area for buses, taxis, and car rental services. This ensures a smooth transition from air travel to ground transport. During peak times, longer waiting periods for public transport and taxis may occur. It’s advisable to book in advance for private transfers and rental cars – this can save you time, but generally, you can expect reliable service. Let’s start from the cheapest one!

Public buses from KTEL Cooperative: nothing compares

Santorini’s public bus system, operated by KTEL Cooperative, is an affordable way to travel around the island. Buses are relatively frequent and connect the main towns and villages, including the route from Santorini airport to Perissa. The buses are modern (well, not all of them, but…) and air-conditioned (all without exception), making for a comfortable journey. This is what the most modern KTEL buses look like:

KTEL public bus to Perissa, Santorini, Greece
KTEL public bus to Perissa, Santorini, Greece

If you’re lucky, you’ll see a few… shall we say, vintage buses:

Old and vintage KTEL buses in Santorini, Santorini, Greece
Old and vintage KTEL buses in Santorini, Santorini, Greece

Route and schedule

The route from the airport to Perissa usually requires a transfer at Fira, the island’s main bus hub. From the airport you have to take a bus to Fira and then change to a bus to Perissa. Buses from the airport to Fira run approximately every hour (it depens), while buses from Fira to Perissa run more frequently, especially during the summer months. In fact, all bus timetables depend on the season.

Although the timetables are designed to accommodate the majority of arriving flights, but it’s advisable to check them in advance. But don’t rely too much on timetables, as delays are common (almost always!). Once you’ve reached the main bus station, there’s another route that will take you straight into the centre of the village. You can find more information about public buses to Perissa on the separate page.

Travel time and cost

The total journey time by bus can vary from 45 minutes to an hour or an hour and a half, depending on the transfer times and your luck at the central bus station with its changing lines. The cost in 2024 is very reasonable, with the fare from the airport to Fira around 2 euro and from Fira to Perissa around 2.50 euro, making a total of around 4.50 euro per person for a one-way trip. Nothing compares to this price!

Advantages and disadvantages

The main argument for taking the bus is its low cost… the lowest among transportation options! If you’re an extrovert, you can see this as an opportunity to experience local life and see more of the island. However, you may need to transfer between lines at the central bus station. This almost always involve waiting times, which can be inconvenient. This inconvenience can be even greater if you have a lot of luggage. Travelling with small children can also make these transfers more difficult. Despite these drawbacks, the bus remains a cost-effective choice for exploring the island.

Central bus station in Santorini, Greece
Central bus station in Santorini, Greece

Additionally, keep in mind that there are no buses operating at night, so you’ll need to plan your trip accordingly.

Despite these challenges, KTEL buses are still a convenient way to travel to Perissa. They offer a relatively easy way to get to the area. In addition, the buses are quite cheap, making them an affordable choice. We’ve noticed that many backpackers prefer the KTEL buses because of their value for money. Individual travellers also often choose this mode of transport.

If saving money is more important than comfort, public transport is definitely the best option

If you don’t mind waiting, the bus can save you some money. It’s a budget-friendly option for those who prioritise cost over comfort, so be prepared for a few minor inconveniences along the way. Still, you’ll find it’s a practical way to get around the island. In the end, the savings can make it worthwhile. Anyway, check out the route details and timetables in advance to find out all you need to know about KTEL.

Taxi: for those who don’t want to waste their time

Taxis are almost always available at Santorini airport and provide a direct and hassle-free route to Perissa. As they are regulated, you can count on fair prices and reliable service. This makes taxis a safe choice for travellers. If you’re looking for a quick and convenient transfer, taxis are a great option.

Taxi in Santorini, Greece
Taxi in Santorini, Greece

We do not have Uber in Santorini, but by using online platforms such as KiwiTaxi you can book a taxi beforehand and avoid the hassle of waiting on arrival. The final fare is set in advance so you know exactly how much you are paying and there are no unexpected charges. Your driver will be waiting for you to make your journey from the airport as comfortable as possible. Tipping is also optional, so you are in control of any additional costs.

Route and Schedule

The route taken by taxis is direct, usually via the main road that connects the airport to the southeastern part of the island. The route takes you through the scenic areas of the island and allows you to see the beauty of Santorini. Taxis operate around the clock, making them a reliable choice for those arriving early in the morning or late at night.

Travel time and cost

A taxi ride usually takes between 25 and 30 minutes to cover the distance, depending on traffic conditions. The fare is significantly higher than the bus, but you get a convenient service. It’s a good idea to confirm the price beforehand, as prices can vary throughout the year. This will ensure there are no surprises when it comes to the fare.

Advantages and disadvantages

The primary advantage of taking a taxi is its convenience and speed, making it one of the fastest ways to get from the airport to Perissa without stopping in Fira. However, the fare is significantly higher than a KTEL bus ticket, which might not be ideal for budget-conscious travelers. While more expensive than buses, the direct service and convenience often justify the cost for many travelers. Taxis offer a comfortable and efficient option, especially for families, groups, or those with heavy luggage. For a stress-free transfer, taxis are an excellent choice. Speaking about fares… Check before you go or fill in this simple form to check the prices now:

Private transfers: book it while you have some free time and relax!

Private transfers provide a personalised and hassle free way to travel from Santorini Airport to Perissa. You can book these services online or through your hotel and a driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals terminal. The vehicles are always well maintained, air-conditioned luxury models, often Mercedes-Benz Vito, Viano etc. Of course, the driver will assist with luggage and other needs.

Private transport from the airport of Santorini to the city of Perissa
Private transport from the airport of Santorini to the city of Perissa

This type of transport is ideal for those who value comfort and convenience and service guarantees a relaxed journey. You can enjoy peace of mind by booking in advance, so… There’s no need to worry, just make your reservation in advance.

Route and schedule

Private transfer services offer direct routes to Perissa, similar to taxis, but with the added benefit of personalised service. This more tailored experience begins the moment you land, if you wish.

The timetable is completely flexible. If your flight is delayed, your driver will track the delay and adjust the pick-up time accordingly. This means you don’t have to worry about waiting on arrival. You can also request additional stops along the way if required.

Upon arrival, your driver will be waiting for you with a personalised Meet & Greet sign. Your driver will escort you to your vehicle and assist with any needs you may have. By providing your flight details and booking in advance, you ensure a smooth, stress-free experience from landing to your destination, so with this service your journey from the airport to Perissa is guaranteed to be seamless and comfortable.

Travel time and cost

The journey time is comparable to a taxi – usually between 25 and 30 minutes. However, the cost can be slightly higher, depending on the level of service and type of car. Although more expensive, this option offers a higher level of comfort and reliability. Anyway, you can also check all the prices on our website, while you have enough time before the trip. You will know the final price immediately and it will be shown on all documents. Tipping the driver is up to you.

Advantages and disadvantages

Private transfers offer comfort, convenience and a personalised experience. Although they are more expensive, making them less affordable for all travellers, they are perfect for those looking for a stress-free and comfortable journey. This service is ideal for honeymooners, business travellers or anyone looking for a touch of luxury. Despite the higher cost, the benefits of a personalised and direct service can be well worth it.

If you need additional services or help, please just tell us as you already have our phone number with WhatsApp

Availability may be limited during high season, requiring advance booking, which can be inconvenient for spontaneous travellers. However, for those who prioritise comfort and efficiency, the convenience and personalised experience of private transfers may justify the cost. Despite the need to plan ahead, the superior service provided can make the expense worthwhile. During peak periods, booking early will ensure you don’t miss out on this premium service.

Private transfer from the Aiport of Santorini

The right minibus just for you and your family or company

Schedule: everyday.

  • Lots of luggage

    Up to eight pieces of large luggage per vehicle
  • Private transfer

    Only you and the driver will be in the car
  • Up to 12 passengers

    Seating capacity up to eighteen passengers
  • Waiting

    Waiting in case of delay
20from/per person


Car rentals: park like a local!

Hiring a car gives you the flexibility to travel from the airport to Perissa and explore the island at your own pace. The route to Perissa is well signposted with plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the scenery.

Major car rental companies operate from Santorini airport and offer a variety of vehicles to suit different needs and budgets, so you can start straight from the airport.

Driving in Santorini is generally easy, although the roads can be very narrow and winding (there are also many one-way streets, by the way). The important thing is that a rental car allows you also to visit places that may be difficult to reach by public transport. You can set your own schedule and try to avoid the constraints of tour groups, so… renting a car can make your visit to Santorini more comfortable and enjoyable. You can learn more about renting a car on our island, because it’s a completely different story.

Route and schedule

The village of Perissa is not that far from the airport, but as it is located on the other side of Mount Ilias the Prophet, you will need to go around it and drive along the central roads of the island.

There is a shorter and a longer route. In the first case, you can stop at the village of Pyrgos, located in the centre of the island. The second route takes you through the villages of Mesaria and Megalochori, from where you can see the caldera of the volcano on the other side of the island.

Travel time and cost

The shortest route takes about 25-30 minutes, depending on road conditions and your driving skills. Car hire costs vary depending on the type of car, rental period and season, but start at around 30-40 euro per day. Additional costs may include extra insurance options, fuel and possible parking fees in Perissa, so it’s a good idea to check with your hotel beforehand if they offer parking. Overall, hiring a car can be a flexible and convenient option, but be prepared for varying costs, don’t forget about the insurance and plan accordingly.

The only potentially time-consuming part is the paperwork and preparation. On arrival, locate your rental company’s office and complete the necessary paperwork. Before you leave, inspect the car thoroughly. Make a note of any dents or scratches, even minor ones! This will save you a lot of trouble. Also check the fuel level. If everything is fine, you can drive to Perissa!

Insurance options for car hire in Santorini
Insurance options for car hire in Santorini

Rental costs vary depending on the type of car, rental period and season. However, it’s always better to book in advance so that you can compare all options and prices.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hiring a car is more than just a way to get from the airport to Perissa; it’s your key to discovering the hidden gems of the island if you’re ready for extensive driving on your vacation. With a car, you can visit several attractions in one day, maximising your time, especially if you’re with family or a large group. This flexibility allows you to create your own itinerary and travel at your own pace.

However, renting a car comes with additional costs. You have to consider insurance, fuel, and parking fees, which can accumulate quickly. Navigating unfamiliar roads can be stressful, and you may face different driving rules and challenges in finding parking, particularly during the busy season from June to September.

Despite these challenges, the freedom and convenience of a rental car is often worth it. You can explore places off the beaten track that may be inaccessible by public transport. The ability to stop and enjoy scenic spots whenever you like adds to the appeal. For many travellers, the advantages of a rental car outweigh the disadvantages, so it’s all about what suits your holiday style. Either way, start by checking prices for your dates:

Comparison of transfer options from the airport of Santorini to Perissa in 2024

Each transfer option from Santorini Airport to Perissa has unique characteristics. Understanding these can help you choose the best one for your travel style and needs. Whether you prioritise cost, convenience or comfort, there’s an option for you. Let’s summarise and compare the main aspects of each type of transport:


  • Public bus: the cheapest option, without a doubt;
  • Taxi: if you are travelling alone, it is much more expensive than a bus; if you are 3-4 people, the difference is not so great;
  • Private transfer: the same mid-range or higher, depending on your needs;
  • Car hire: costs vary widely from 30-40 to 80-150 euro per day plus fuel, insurance, parking fees and so on.

Travel time and comfort on the way

  • Public bus: from 45 minutes up to 1,5 hours (bus connections at the central bus stops). Moderate comfort, can be crowded;
  • Taxi: 25-30 minutes, high level of comfort, direct route;
  • Private transfer: 25-30 minutes, maximum comfort, direct route with additional services;
  • Car hire: from 25-30 minutes to… hour or so. Take into account the time needed for the paperwork at the car rental station, car inspection, etc.


  • Public bus: generally reliable, but subject to schedule and crowding (high season!). No late, night or very early trips;
  • Taxis: reliable and available 24/7;
  • Private transfers: very reliable, pre-booked service;
  • Hired cars: reliable (depending on your driving skills).


  • Public bus: by far the least convenient option due to line changes, unreliable schedules, and the risk of overcrowding;
  • Taxi: сonvenient, direct, and almos always readily available (or with a short waiting time);
  • Private transfer: most convenient with personalized service, no worries at all;
  • Car hire: convenient for those who like to drive while on vacation.

What’s the bottom line?

There are a number of transport options for getting from Santorini airport to Perissa, each suitable for different needs and preferences. To get from the airport to the village you have to cross a significant part of our island, depending on the type of transport you use, so the options vary considerably in terms of time and comfort.

Public buses operated by the KTEL cooperative provide cost-effective solution for budget-conscious travelers, while taxis offer a balance between convenience and cost. Private transfers are ideal for those seeking a premium experience with added comfort and reliability and want to start their holidays smoothly straight after arrival. Car hire offers unrivalled flexibility, perfect for those who want the freedom to explore the island at their own pace, so don’t forget to check out all available car options.

Once again, if you have any questions, we are here to help – just get in touch with us.


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