Travelling from Santorini airport to Oia is a journey that promises breathtaking views, a taste of local culture and an introduction to the enchanting landscape of one of Greece’s most popular islands, our beautiful Santorini. Known for its iconic whitewashed buildings with blue domes and beautiful sunsets, Santorini offers visitors a variety of transport options to get from the airport to Oia, a picturesque village on the north-western tip of the island.

We have created this guide to help you explore the different methods available to you and to help you make an informed decision based on your preferences, your budget and your timeframe. We will discuss local buses, taxis, private transfers and rental cars.

Location and distance

Santorini National Airport (JTR) is located on the eastern side of the island, about 17 kilometres (about 10.5 miles) from Oia. This distance, although not great, can be covered in a number of ways, each with its own considerations. Depending on the type of transport you choose, the journey time can vary considerably, typically ranging from 15-20 minutes to an hour or even more.

One of the longes route: what you will see on the way from the airport of Santorini to the city of Oia

The journey from Santorini airport to Oia is an experience in itself, offering stunning views of the island’s diverse landscape. Leaving the airport and the area of Kamari, famous for its black sand beach, the route takes you through the heart of the island with its traditional villages, vineyards and wineries. The villages of Mesa Katikies, Exo Katikies and Vourvouls will be on your left and as you approach Oia the scenery becomes more dramatic with steep cliffs and panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. Travelling by day, you’ll be treated to views of terraced vineyards, whitewashed houses and the iconic sea views that make Santorini so famous. At night, the island lights up, offering a magical view of illuminated buildings.

This trip isn’t just about getting from the airport to Oia; it’s also an introduction to the local scenery and stunning views that make Santorini famous. Whether you take a bus, taxi, private transfer, or hire a car, the journey offers a scenic preview of the beauty that awaits you in Oia.

Transportation options from the airport to Oia in 2024

There are several ways to get from Santorini airport to Oia, each catering to different needs and preferences. The main options include public buses, taxis, private transfers and rental cars.

Each type of transport has its own unique characteristics that may appeal to different types of travellers. Factors such as cost, convenience, travel time and personal comfort play an important role in choosing the best option for your trip. Below we look at the specifics of each type of transport.

The cheapest option: public buses from the KTEL cooperative

Yes, the bus owner’s cooperative. The KTEL bus service is Santorini’s public transport system, known for being both affordable and (relatively) reliable. It connects the airport with various parts of the island, including Oia. With them you can ride both modern buses and really vintage models, almost old timers.

KTEL public buses, Santorini, Greece
KTEL public buses, Santorini, Greece

Route and schedule

First of all: bus will bring you straight to the central bus station… in Fira. Why? The bus route from the airport to Oia usually requires a change in Fira as there are no direct buses even in summer! So this journey involves taking a bus from the airport to the capital of our island, followed by taking another bus from main bus station to Oia. Buses run frequently, especially during the high season, and timetables are posted at bus stops and online, so you can check them in advance, but don’t count on them too much (we will explain in a minute). The bus stop is conveniently located right outside the arrivals terminal at the airport, making it easy to spot.

Travel time and cost

Traveling by bus from the airport to Oia can take around 1 to 1.5 hours, including transfer time to the main bus station. The cost is quite economical, the fare in 2024 is just 2 + 2 euro for both tickets, making it the cheapest option.

Advantages and disadvantages

Talking about pros and cons. The main advantage of travelling by bus is the low cost, which makes it an ideal option for budget travellers. If you like to look at things only in a positive light, buses also offer, let’s say, a chance to experience local life and can be a scenic way to travel during the day.

However, changing lines at the central bus station can be inconvenient, especially with luggage, and certainly time-consuming. During the high season, the buses can be very crowded, which can be uncomfortable for some, not to mention the fact that you have to be the first to get one of the open seats.

Central bus station in Santorini, Greece
Central bus station in Santorini, Greece

KTEL buses are an inexpensive and relatively easy way to get to Oia, although they do require a little more time and patience due to transfers and possible overcrowding. This method is best for travellers who prioritise saving money over convenience. There are no buses at night, by the way. Anyway, check out the route details and timetables in advance to find out all you need to know about KTEL.

Taxi: catch it if you can!

Taxis at Santorini airport provide a direct and comfortable route to Oia. They are a popular option for travellers who value convenience and don’t mind paying extra. Taxis are located just outside the arrivals terminal. There may be a short queue at busy times, but the wait is usually only 5 to 15 minutes. This makes taxis a reliable and accessible choice for getting to Oia quickly.

Taxis in Santorini, Greece
Taxis in Santorini, Greece

Using online platforms such as KiwiTaxi, you can book a taxi on our island in advance and avoid the hassle of waiting on arrival. With a pre-booked taxi, the driver will be ready and waiting for you, ensuring a seamless transition from the airport. In addition, the cost is pre-determined, providing clarity and transparency. Driver tips are discretionary, giving you control over additional expenses.

Route and Schedule

Taxis follow the most direct route from the airport to Oia, usually taking the main road through the central area of our island. They are available 24 hours a day, making them a reliable option regardless of your arrival time.

Travel time and cost

The journey time by taxi is usually 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. The price may vary depending on factors such as the type of vehicle, the time of day, the amount of luggage and the number of passengers. Prices may be higher at peak times during the season or late at night. The only way to guarantee the final price is to book in advance, so all the details will be on your booking.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of taking a taxi is the convenience of a direct, hassle-free ride. Taxis are particularly useful for travellers with heavy luggage or those arriving late at night. However, the higher cost compared to public transport may be a drawback for travellers on a budget.

In general, taxis offer a quick and comfortable way to reach Oia from the Airport of Santorini, ideal for those willing to spend a little more for convenience. They provide a direct route without the need for other transfers, making them the preferred choice for many travellers.

Check before you go or fill in this simple form to check the prices now:

Private transfers: book it in advance!

Private transfers provide a personalized and luxurious transportation option from the airport to Oia. These services can be arranged in advance by online booking and frequently come with extra perks like meet-and-greet services and so on. The vehicles are consistently well-kept, equipped with air conditioning, and chauffeured by skilled drivers who can assist with luggage and other needs. This ensures a comfortable and stress-free journey for passengers.

Private transport from the airport of Santorini to the city of Oia
Private transport from the airport of Santorini to the city of Oia

Route and schedule

Like taxis, private transfers take the most direct route from the airport to Oia. These services operate to your schedule, offering maximum flexibility, comfort and convenience.

Of course, you will receive a Meet&Greet service, where your driver will hold a sign with your name on it and guide you to your car, assisting you with any needs you may have. The driver will be ready to assist you from the moment you land. If your flight is delayed, the driver will be waiting for you as flight tracking is included. Just remember to provide your flight number in advance. This will ensure a seamless and stress-free arrival process.

Travel time and cost

The journey time is similar to that of a taxi, around 20-30 minutes. The cost can be the same or slightly higher, depending on the level of service and the type of vehicle chosen. Anyway, you can also check them in advance on our website, while you have enough time before the trip. You’ll see the final price in advance – it’s on all documents. Tipping the driver is at your own discretion.

Advantages and disadvantages

Private transfers offer the highest level of convenience and comfort, making them ideal for travellers seeking a luxurious, stress-free experience. The main benefit is the personalised service, offering superior comfort and reliability with a pre-booked vehicle waiting for you on arrival. More of that, if you require additional services or assistance, these can be arranged in advance, ensuring a tailor-made experience. Advance booking is required, usually at least 2-3 days, which requires some planning. However, booking in advance helps to avoid potential problems on arrival.

If you need additional services or help, please just tell us as you already have our phone number with WhatsApp

However, this premium service does come at a cost, typically 5% to 10% more than a standard taxi. While the cost can be a drawback, the benefits of maximum comfort, luxury and personalised service often outweigh this for many travellers. The reliability of a waiting vehicle and the convenience of pre-arranged additional services ensure a smooth start to your trip. Providing your flight number allows for flight tracking, adding to the stress-free experience as the driver will be waiting for you even if there are delays. Contact options via phone, WhatsApp, email and contact forms make communication easy. Despite the need to book in advance, the process is straightforward and minimises any potential problems on arrival.

All in all, a private transfer is the ultimate in luxury and convenience, ideal for those who value a seamless and enjoyable start to their Santorini adventure.

Private transfer from the Aiport of Santorini

The right minibus just for you and your family or company

Schedule: everyday.

  • Lots of luggage

    Up to eight pieces of large luggage per vehicle
  • Private transfer

    Only you and the driver will be in the car
  • Up to 12 passengers

    Seating capacity up to eighteen passengers
  • Waiting

    Waiting in case of delay
20from/per person


Car rentals: find free parking if you can!

Renting a car gives you the freedom to explore Santorini at your own pace. This option is ideal for those who wish to travel extensively around the island. You can learn more about renting a car on our island, because it’s a completely different (also long and interesting) story.

Route and schedule

Driving from the airport to Oia follows the same main road… or the road of your choise 🙂 Car rental agencies are located at the airport, and it’s advisable to book in advance, especially during peak season.

Travel time and cost

The drive to Oia takes approximately 30-40 minutes, depending on the skill of the driver. Car hire costs vary greatly depending on the type of car, the season and the length of the rental, but usually start from 30-40 euro per day (check that insurance is included!). Additional costs include different types of insurance options, fuel, possible parking fees in Oia, etc.

The combined journey time will be long – and here’s why. Firstly, you will need to find your rental office and its manager. If there is a queue, you will have to wait. Then you will need to fill out all the paperwork, discuss all things (don’t forget about insurance!) after which you can go to the car park to check your car. Only after that you will be able to leave the airport for Oia.

Insurance options for car hire in Santorini
Insurance options for car hire in Santorini

Rental costs vary depending on the type of car, the duration of the rental and the season, of course. In any case, it’s better to book in advance so that you can compare all options and prices.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of hiring a car is the freedom to explore Santorini at your own pace. It can also be cheaper for groups or longer stays, if you plan to drive daily. However, navigating the narrow, winding roads and finding parking, especially in Oia, Imerovigli and Fira, can be a challenge. Finding parking in Oia is especially tough during high season, and most hotels lack their own car parks (ask them in advance!). Fuel and parking fees add to the overall cost, so it is important to budget accordingly. In addition, unfamiliar roads and driving conditions, especially at night, can be difficult for some visitors.

Before you hire a car, check with your agency about insurance and cover for damage and loss. Parking is very difficult on our island, so it is easy to get or leave a few scratches on bumpers and doors.

For some, the added expense and difficulty may outweigh the benefits, but only you know what kind of racer driver you are 🙂 In any case, hiring a car is a great experience with a variety of options available. Start by checking prices for your preferred dates:

Comparison of transfer options from the airport of Santorini to Oia in 2024

Choosing the best transfer option from Santorini airport to Oia depends on several factors, including cost, convenience, travel time and personal preferences. Let’s summarise and compare the main aspects of each type of transport:


  • Public bus: the unbeatable choice and the cheapest option – apart from walking;
  • Taxi: mid-range cost, but much more expensive than the public buses;
  • Private transfer: the same mid-range or higher, depending on your needs;
  • Car hire: costs vary widely from 30-40 to 80-150 euro per day plus fuel, insurance, parking fees and so on.

Travel time and comfort on the way

  • Public bus: up to 1-2 hours, with a transfer to main bus station and changins lines. Moderate comfort, can be crowded (especially from June to October);
  • Taxi: 20-30 minutes, high level of comfort, direct route;
  • Private transfer: 20-30 minutes, maximum comfort, direct route with additional services;
  • Car hire: from 30-40 minutes to… hour or so. Take into account the time needed for the booking process, paperwork, car inspection and other details.


  • Public bus: generally reliable, but subject to schedule and crowding (high season!). No late, night or very early trips;
  • Taxis: reliable and available 24/7;
  • Private transfers: very reliable, pre-booked service;
  • Hired cars: reliable but subject to driving conditions and navigation.


  • Public bus: without a doubt, the least convenient due to the changing lines, inaccurate timetables and the possibility of overcrowding;
  • Taxi: сonvenient, direct, and almos always readily available (or with a short waiting time);
  • Private transfer: most convenient with personalized service, no worries at all;
  • Car hire: convenient for those who like to drive while on vacation.

So, what’s the conclusion?

By considering factors such as cost, travel time, comfort, reliability and convenience, you can choose the option that best suits your needs, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable start to your Santorini adventure.

In conclusion, the best way to travel from Santorini airport to Oia depends on your personal preferences and priorities. We hope you’re in a quiet place right now and have plenty of time to prepare for your holiday in Santorini. So no hurry, no rush, nothing like that at the moment and you can compare and choose what suits you best.

Public buses operated by the KTEL cooperative provide cost-effective solution for budget-conscious travelers, while taxis offer a balance between convenience and cost. Private transfers are ideal for those seeking a premium experience with added comfort and reliability and want to start their holidays smoothly straight after arrival. Car hire offers unmatched flexibility and is perfect for those who want to drive and explore the island on their own, so don’t forget to check out all available car options.

Once again, if you have any questions, we are here to help – just get in touch with us.


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