Boat trip to the volcano of Santorini with dinner on a boat at sunset

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  • Nea Kameni Volcano
  • Thermal springs

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Excursion details

An easy evening sightseeing tour, dinner and sunset on a boat at Santorini’s caldera – isn’t it beautiful? Yes, it is! The first part of this trip on the “Aphrodite” boat is a sightseeing tour of the caldera: you can see the sights, walk around the volcano, and swim in the thermal springs. In the evening we will enjoy a romantic sunset on a boat in the open sea off the village of Oia, in the north-west of the island.

You will see three following key sights on this sea cruise:

  • Nea Kameni volcano;
  • Palea Kameni hot springs;
  • Sunset at sea near the village of Oia.

You can board the “Aphrodite” and join the boat trip at the main seaport of Santorini (Athenios) or at the picturesque Old Port of Fira – the ship stops at each of them. Please note that you can get from the island to the old port only by cable car or by a staircase of 587 steps – there are no more roads to the port!

As soon as all travellers are on board, the captain heads west, heading straight for Nea Kameni volcano. The first stop is planned here: you can either relax on the ship (an hour and a half ) or a hike through Nea Kameni volcano.

The next point on the route is the neighboring island of Palea Kameni. The ship will sail around it and anchor in the bay of Agios Nikolaos. Here, deep beneath the water, thermal springs gush out of the ground, constantly heating the sea water. Moreover, a mass of dissolved elements rises from the ground to the surface, which colors the water red, yellow and green. The ship will stay at the thermal springs for half an hour: you can just look at them from the deck, or you can dive right off the ship and swim in the open sea or even go ashore. No need to linger – dinner and sunset are ahead!

Toward evening, the ship will sail to the area of Thirasia island (also known as Thirassia or Therasia), where it will anchor: it is time for dinner on a board. The format of dinner at the ship is buffet, and the menu includes different types of meat (pork, chicken,…), rice, baked potatoes, Greek salad, different sauces and dressings, fruit and local Santorini wine.

Enjoy a famous Santorini sunset at the end of the tour. The “Aphrodite” sets sail again, and the sun is nearing the horizon meanwhile – right into the sea. The ship stops close to the village of Oia, which is considered one of the best places to see the sunset in Santorini, and it is in this area that you will have the opportunity to watch the sunset at sea – the warm light of the outgoing day under a purple sky until nightfall. On some evenings there is a stunning light, when the whole caldera, the steep cliffs and the village of Oia are colored in gold and purple. The ship will then head back to the harbour.

Price of a boat trip to the volcano of Santorini with dinner on a boat at sunset

In 2024 sea cruise to the volcano of Santorini with dinner on a boat during sunset time costs:

  • Adults (from 13 years old) – from 80 euro;
  • Children (from 5 to 12 years old) – from 40 euro;
  • Insfants (from 0 to 4 years old) – free of charge, sitting on their parents laps.

Prices may be lower in low season, on certain days with discounts, if you book early or for a large group.

  • Boat sightseeing tour;
  • English speaking guide during the walking tour to the Volcano.
  • Dinner on board: buffet with beverages;
  • Transfer by bus from hotel or nearest pick-up point to the Athinios port and back from the Athinios port to hotel or nearest drop-off point.

  • Cable car tickets – 6 euro (one way), optional;
  • Volcano entrance ticket – 5 euro for adults (children up to 8 years old – free of charge), optional;

Sometimes there are discounts on this trip and it is sold cheaper for our subscribers – follow us on Facebook!

The boat trip to the volcano of Santorini, with dinner on board and with sunset at sea is available online (see “How to book excursions in Santorini”).

Schedule of boat tour along Santorini caldera with dinner on the boat

In 2024 sea cruise to the volcano of Santorini with dinner on a boat at sunset runs from 01/05 to 31/10. Available days – on a daily basis.

Please note that the tour schedule is subject to change. Changes are extremely rare and usually associated with weather conditions on the island or in the sea. For example, it can be a strong wind, thunderstorm, rain or other force majeure situations. We always try to inform in advance about all changes.

Important details

Please read Cancellation and Refund policy.

In case there are less than 24 hours left before the trip, please book only after agreeing with the manager on availability.

Before going to sea, it is necessary to issue some special documents (forms with information regarding route, crew and all passengers). To do this, we need the full name (as in the passport), gender, age and citizenship of all participants. If you already have this information, you can write it in the comments field when placing an order.

You will receive your tickets by email or WhatsApp – whichever is more convenient for you.

Please keep all documents and tickets until the end of the trip!

It depends on the location of your hotel or villa. Some cities of Santorini are famous for their narrow streets, which are not so easy to walk even on foot. So in some cases you will need to walk to the main road, some nearest square or parking place, where a car or a tour bus can pick you up. If your hotel has good road access, then the transfer will be able to pick you up directly from the hotel.

After placing an order, you will receive detailed information about the place and time of the meeting, as well as all the necessary documents. Please read them carefully beforehand.

Santorini has a lot of sun and almost no shade during the spring and summer. You will definitely need some sun protection: sunscreen, glasses, hat and so on. If there is a possibility of motion sickness in transport, then we recommend taking the appropriate pills. Take your swimming accessories and warm clothes with you for the evening (it is quite fresh in the evening in the open sea, even on hot days). Also we advise you to take a dark-colored swimsuit if you plan to swim in the hot springs. To walk along the volcano take comfortable shoes – flip-flops are not suitable for such a rocky area. You may want to buy something during your trip, so consider taking some cash with you for these extra expenses. You are required to have the original or copy/photo of your passport or ID card with you.

No, not so much. The walking tour to the volcano goes through rocky terrain, but participation is optional. Most of the time of this tour you will spend on a boat.

There are no limitations on participation in this trip.

The tour starts at 13:30 (Athinios, the new port of Fira), so you will have time to eat at the hotel.

You can dine during the ship’s stop in the Thirasia area. Dinner and drinks are included.

Yes, during the day you will be accompanied by a guide who will take you around the volcano.

Yes, but not too much. It is still a boat trip to beautiful places with the most amazing view, not to mention plenty of fresh air and the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sound of the waves and the sun.

The main language of the tour is English.


  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

The following is an approximate schedule. The exact time will be specified in the information provided with your order.

During the year the sunset occurs at different times, so the total length of the tour may vary from month to month.

Tour schedule
13:30Departure of the ship from the new seaport of Fira (Afinios)
13:55Arrival at the old seaport of Fira, departure en-route
14:00 - 14:20Boat trip to Nea Kameni volcano
14:30 - 16:00Volcano walk or free time on the ship
16:00 - 16:10Boat trip from the volcano to the hot springs
16:10 - 16:40Swimming in the hot springs
17:00 - 18:00Departure to Thirasia island area, dinner on the ship
18:00 - 20:30Sunset meeting on the ship, return to the port of Fira
21:00 - 21:30Returning to hotels.
20:28Approximate sunset time in Santorini this week
Duration and travel time
From 10 to 30 minutesBy boat between the points of interest
1,5 hoursAt the volcano
30 minutesAt the hot springs

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