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The village of Monolithos is located in the central part of the east coast of our island, only 5 kilometers from the airport, so a taxi ride from Santorini airport to Monolithos does not take more than 10 minutes when there is little traffic on the roads. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that Santorini is a small island that is incredibly popular and it can be difficult to find a free taxi quickly.

A reliable option is to book a taxi in advance by phone or online – taxi booking services and special aggregator sites work day and night, without holidays and weekends, all 365 days a year! In this case the driver will meet you at the requested location and take you to the requested address and the cost of a taxi from Santorini Airport to Monolithos will not change for you – regardless of the travel time, the number of passengers or things, waiting time or any other reason. Payment is by voucher only and you know how much your trip will cost when you book.

How much is a taxi from Santorini Airport to Monolithos in 2024

For this trip, you have the option of choosing the appropriate type of taxi depending on the amount of luggage, passengers and your other needs. For example, it may be an ordinary hatchback or economy sedan if you are traveling alone, a small family or a group; it may be a minivan or even a small bus if the group is large, and one or two ordinary cars are not enough. The price of your taxi order will vary according to the level of car or bus you choose.

The price of a taxi from Santorini Airport to Monolithos in 2024 starts from 29 euro per taxi when ordering online:


Affordable transfer for a couple or family with a child

  • Passengers: 3
  • Baggage items: 2

Model of the vehicle: VW Polo, Opel Corsa, Renault Clio, Skoda Fabia, etc.


An economical option for a group of up to 3-4 people.

  • Passengers: 4
  • Baggage items: 3

Model of the vehicle: VW Golf, Ford Focus, Opel Astra, Audi A3, BMW 3, etc.


Inexpensive transfer for a couple or a family with children

  • Passengers: 4
  • Baggage items: 3

Model of the vehicle: VW Passat, Toyota Camry, Scoda Octavia, etc.

Minivan for 4 passengers
Minivan for 4 passengers

A good compromise between spaciousness and comfort.

  • Passengers: 4
  • Baggage items: 4

Model of the vehicle: VW Touran, Ford Galaxy, Opel Zafira, etc.

Микроавтобус на 8 пассажиров
Minibus for 8 passengers

For a group of up to 8 people or large luggage.

  • Passengers: 8
  • Baggage items: 8

Model of the vehicle: VW Multivan, Toyota Hiace, Opel Vivaro, etc.

The cost of a taxi on the return route (from Monolithos to the airport) is similar. Please note that a taxi booking may also include a return journey.

How to book a taxi from Santorini Airport to Monolithos

Booking a taxi from Santorini Airport to Monolithos village is easy: after selecting the desired taxi type there are just a few steps to fill in a simple form – and the order is ready! You will need to enter your itinerary, name, date, time and location of the meeting, as well as your contact information: email and cell phone number. You will receive an email confirming the booking of the taxi trip immediately after ordering. Save it to your cell phone or print it out and don’t forget to take it with you! The same letter with all the details and your contact information will be sent to your future driver, so he will know of the date and route of the trip in advance. You won’t even have to explain anything to him when you meet him!

In addition, this option not only gives you the opportunity to pre-book a taxi in a quick and easy way, but it also allows you to avoid making any mistakes. You do not need to explain anything to anyone: by selecting the destination address, the place of delivery, the date and time, you will know in advance that the taxi car will arrive exactly where you need it.

If you want to eliminate any risk in advance and avoid stress and unnecessary worries when you arrive, ordering a taxi online is a much better solution.

Important details

There are not many taxi cars on our island, so the aggregator services help. Uber doesn’t operate in Santorini, but you can use Kiwitaxi. They are the ones who will work with your order if you decide to use their online service.

You can also see our offers of individual transfers and contact our office directly.

The first thing to do is get a list of available cars and check the prices for the route you want to take. Both change throughout the year, depending on the season on the island.

Then you can choose the appropriate class and price of the taxi and proceed to make an order: you need to fill in a form with all the details and contact information, and then – check your email! All the details of the order and the voucher for the trip will be sent to you by email.

A taxi of your choice will be waiting for you. If for any reason your chosen taxi can’t come on that particular day and time, there will be a class upgrade – a higher class taxi will come after you. For example, if you’ve selected “Economy”, a more expensive “Comfort” taxi will arrive. You won’t have to pay anything extra.

At Kiwitaxi it depends directly on the class of car. For example, “Premium” cars and all minibuses must be booked at least 16 hours in advance. If you want to book a “Micro”, “Economy” or “Comfort” class taxi, you must do so at least 24 hours in advance. In other words, it is better to book a taxi from Santorini Airport to Monolithos in advance. Usually 2-3 days before the trip is ideal.

If there is not much time left before your trip and you need an urgent order, you can look at our offers for private transfers and contact our office directly. We will try to provide you with the right car at the right date and time.

When you book a taxi, you provide your email address. You will receive a confirmation voucher from Kiwitaxi. It will contain the booking number and full details. If you have not received the voucher, please contact customer service.

No problem! Flight tracking is also included. If your flight is very seriously delayed, contact the driver at the phone number listed on your transport voucher. Give your order number and a new pickup time. You can also report about flight delays to the support service.

The exact meeting point will be listed on your voucher. You will receive this by email shortly after ordering. If you are travelling from an airport or seaport, the driver will meet you with a personalised nameplate.

Great! Then you can check out our offers for private transfers and contact our office directly. We will try to provide you with a suitable car, minibus or even a large bus at the right date and time.

What awaits you in Messaria

Monolithos village in Santorini sits along the eastern coast of the island, providing visitors with a tranquil escape from the more bustling tourist areas. Monolithos boasts a laid-back atmosphere and stunning views of the Aegean Sea, with the nearby beach offering a picturesque setting for relaxation and recreation.

One of the main draws of Monolithos is its family-friendly atmosphere and pristine beaches. The village is home to one of the island’s most family-friendly beaches, characterized by its soft black sand and shallow waters. Additionally, Monolithos hosts a variety of traditional tavernas and restaurants, where you can sample local cuisine and fresh seafood dishes.

Accommodation options in Monolithos cater to a range of preferences, from budget-friendly apartments to large villas. Many of them boast sea views and easy access to the beach, providing guests with a comfortable and convenient base for their Santorini getaway. Upon arrival, a convenient taxi service will take you to your chosen villa or hotel, ensuring a seamless and stress-free start to your vacation in Monolithos.

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