When traveling to Santorini, understanding the local taxi services can significantly enhance your experience. We live on island and can share with you some of our thoughts about it. Here are 50 of the most popular questions about taxis in Santorini. We will discuss the pricing, availability, safety, and more, providing comprehensive information to enhance your travel experience on our island. Ready? Let’s start!

How to book a taxi in Santorini?

Booking a taxi in Santorini is straightforward. You can book a taxi by calling a local taxi service directly. Many hotels, villas and other accommodations also offer taxi booking services, making it convenient for guests (but usually with some extra in the price). Additionally, you can use online platforms, which will allow you to book a taxi in advance. It’s recommended to book your taxi ahead of time, especially during the busy tourist season, to ensure availability. Let’s say, it’s better to book in advance from May to September. Always confirm the booking and get the driver’s details for easy identification!

Do taxi drivers in Santorini speak English?

Many taxi drivers in Santorini speak basic English, especially those who frequently serve tourists. While not all drivers are fluent, they can usually understand and communicate essential information regarding destinations, fares, and directions. Learning a few basic Greek phrases can be helpful, but you shouldn’t have major difficulties if you only speak English. For complex requests or special arrangements, it might be better to book through a service that offers English-speaking drivers or use written communication if needed. If you book online, there is no need to explain your route to the driver as he will have all the information in advance.

Are taxis readily available at Santorini Airport?

Taxis are generally available at Santorini International Airport (JTR, Thira), particularly during peak travel hours. There is a designated taxi rank located just outside the arrivals terminal where you can find taxis waiting. However, during the high tourist season or late at night, the demand for taxis can be high, leading to longer wait times or even unavailability of taxi vehicles. To avoid any inconvenience, you might consider pre-booking a taxi or arranging a transfer through your hotel. The airport staff and information desks can also assist you in finding a taxi, but it always take time.

Can I pre-book a taxi from Santorini Airport to my hotel or villa?

Yes, you can and should pre-book a taxi from Santorini Airport to your hotel to avoid any potential delays or long waits. Some taxi services and online platforms allow you to book in advance, providing peace of mind and a guaranteed ride upon your arrival. Pre-booking also enables you to specify any special requirements, such as additional luggage space or child seats. Pre-booking typically incurs no extra cost compared to catching a taxi on the spot.

How can I get a taxi from my hotel in Santorini?

Getting a taxi from your hotel in Santorini is easy; simply ask the hotel reception or concierge to call a taxi for you. Many hotels have arrangements with local taxi services and can arrange a pick-up promptly. And yes, it’ll be a little bit more expensive. Alternatively, you can use online service and book a ride directly from your location. If you prefer, you can also call a local taxi service yourself.

How can I find a taxi in Santorini’s busy tourist areas?

In busy tourist areas like Fira and Oia, finding a taxi is usually easy due to designated taxi stands and high taxi availability. These stands are often located near main squares, bus stations, and popular attractions. You can also hail a taxi on the street. During peak times, there might be queues, so pre-booking or calling a taxi service can help avoid long waits. Hotel staff and local businesses can also assist in finding a taxi if needed.

Is it expensive to take taxis in Santorini?

Yes. For sure. Taxis in Santorini are expensive compared to other Greek and European tourist destinations, and especially expensive when you take into account the size of the island and the distances on it. Short trips within towns such as Fira or Oia will usually cost around 15 euro, while longer trips can cost between 20 euro and 50 euro and up, depending on the distance. During peak tourist season or at night, fares might be slightly higher due to increased demand and potential surcharges.

What is the typical fare from Santorini Airport to Fira?

Oh… It depends. Santorini is a crazy place 🙂 The fare from Santorini Airport to Fira usually ranges between 20 and 40, depending on factors such as time of day and traffic conditions. This fare is for a one-way trip in a standard taxi car and includes standard luggage. It’s advisable to confirm the fare with the driver before starting your journey or request a fixed price if booking in advance. During peak hours or late at night, there might be slight surcharges (only if you take a taxi on the spot). Ensure you have cash on hand as not all taxis may accept credit cards, even though card payments are becoming more common.

Here are the booking prices for a standard taxi car from Santorini airport to the main cities and seaport. You can use it as a reference point – or book your taxi in advance:

How much does a taxi ride cost? What are the average taxi fares in Santorini?

Average taxi fares in Santorini vary depending on the distance travelled, the time of day and the type of car, to say the least. Short trips within a town, such as Fira / Firostefani / Imerovigli, typically cost around 10-15 euro. Longer journeys, like from Fira to Oia or from the airport to major tourist destinations, range between 20-40 euro for a standard taxi car. It’s important to note that fares can be higher during peak tourist season or at night due to increased demand and potential surcharges. Always confirm the fare with the driver before starting your journey, especially if traveling to less common destinations.

How do I pay for a taxi ride in Santorini?

Payment for taxi rides in Santorini is typically made in cash, though an increasing number of taxis now accept credit and debit cards. If you prefer to pay by card, confirm with the driver or service provider when booking to ensure they have the necessary facilities. Having cash on hand in euros is always a good idea as a backup. For pre-booked services, web platforms offer online payment options, allowing you to pay in advance.

Do taxis in Santorini accept credit cards?

Not all taxis in Santorini accept credit cards, though the trend towards accepting card payments is growing. Many drivers still prefer cash transactions due to convenience and avoiding transaction fees. If you plan to pay by card, it’s best to confirm with the driver when you enter the taxi or inquire during the booking process. Carrying some cash in euros is a good idea as a backup. Larger companies or pre-booked services are more likely to accept credit cards compared to taxis hailed on the street.

Do taxis in Santorini provide receipts?

Yes, taxis in Santorini can provide receipts upon request. If you need a receipt for business purposes or personal records, ask the driver at the end of your ride. Most drivers will have a receipt book or can issue a handwritten receipt. For pre-booked services or rides booked through apps, receipts are often available electronically. Always request the receipt before completing your payment to ensure all necessary details are included.

Can I negotiate taxi fares in Santorini?

Usually not. But you can try if you have a Masters in Negotiation 🙂 Negotiating taxi fares in Santorini is not common practice since fares are usually metered or fixed. For longer trips, you can discuss a fixed fare with the driver before starting the journey. In such cases, it’s important to agree on the price upfront to avoid misunderstandings. If you’re not sure what the fare will be, ask for an estimate. You can also use an online service that calculates fares.

Do taxis in Santorini have air conditioning?

Most taxis in Santorini are equipped with air conditioning, providing a comfortable ride, especially during the hot summer months. If air conditioning is important to you, confirm this feature when booking your taxi or ask the driver when you enter the vehicle. Nearly all modern taxis in Santorini will have this amenity, but it’s always best to verify, especially if you’re sensitive to heat or traveling during peak temperatures. What do you think of this legendary car? Of course it has air conditioning!

Taxi in Santorini: the legendary Mercedes of the nineties of the twentieth century
Taxi in Santorini: the legendary Mercedes of the nineties of the twentieth century

Are there luxury taxi services available in Santorini?

Yes and no. Luxury transportation services are available in Santorini, offering high-end vehicles such as Mercedes or BMWs for a more comfortable and stylish ride. These services cater to travelers looking for a premium experience and often include amenities like leather seats, air conditioning, and professional drivers. But in a regular taxi service, you’ll hardly find exactly these cars. Luxury taxis can be booked through specialized companies or high-end hotels. Fares for luxury taxis are higher than standard taxis, reflecting the added comfort and service quality. If you have specific preferences or require a luxury vehicle, it’s advisable to book in advance.

What are the operating hours for taxis in Santorini? Are taxis available 24/7?

Yes, taxis in Santorini are available 24/7. However, while taxis operate around the clock, their availability can be more limited late at night or early in the morning, especially outside the airport and the main towns like Fira and Oia. It’s advisable to book in advance if you need a taxi during these off-peak hours to ensure a timely pick-up. In smaller villages or less populated areas, you might need to call a taxi service to arrange a ride outside regular business hours. Hotel reception desks and local services can assist with arranging late-night transportation if needed.

How much should I tip taxi drivers in Santorini?

Tipping taxi drivers in Santorini is not obligatory but is appreciated as a gesture of good service. A tip of 5-10% of the fare is customary if you’re satisfied with the ride. For short trips, rounding up to the nearest euro or adding a couple of euros is a common practice. For longer trips or if the driver provided exceptional service, such as helping with luggage or offering useful travel tips, a more generous tip is welcomed. Always carry small denominations to make tipping easier. Anyway, it’s completely up to you.

Can I book a taxi for a full-day tour in Santorini?

Yes, you can book a taxi for a full-day tour in Santorini. But it is going to cost you a lot of money 🙂 Some of the taxi companies and independent drivers offer this service, allowing you to explore the island’s attractions at your own pace. Full-day taxi tours are customizable, and you can create an itinerary that includes stops at popular sites like the Akrotiri Archaeological Site, the Red and Black beaches, and traditional villages, but the quality of such tours… Well, ultimately it depends on what you want. In any case, don’t forget that the driver is not a professional guide, in fact it is strictly forbidden for the driver to act as a guide. If you want a private tour, it’s better to ask at the travel agency with professional guides, so… We’re here for you, and you’re always welcome 🙂

Do taxis in Santorini offer fixed prices for popular routes?

Yes… if you want to. It will be expensive, and as we said above, a taxi driver is a taxi driver, not a tour guide, although he can drink wine too 🙂

Is it easy to find a taxi in Santorini during peak tourist season?

Finding a taxi during peak tourist season in Santorini can be challenging due to high demand. We live on a small island and there aren’t many taxi cars here. The number of available taxis is limited compared to the influx of tourists, leading to potential delays and longer wait times. Pre-booking is highly recommended during this period to secure your ride and avoid the stress of waiting. Major towns like Fira and Oia have taxi ranks where you can find taxis more readily, but in smaller or more remote areas like Perivolos or Vlychada, the wait might be longer. Consider alternative transportation options such as public buses or private transfers.

Are there taxi stands in Santorini?

Yes, but not too much. There are several taxi stands in Santorini, particularly in busy areas such as Fira, Oia, the airport, and the ferry ports. These stands are the best places to find a taxi without pre-booking. Taxi stands are usually marked with signs, and you’ll often see taxis waiting there during the day. In peak times, there might be queues, so a little patience is necessary. If you’re in a less busy area, you might need to call for a taxi to arrange a pick-up.

How do I find a taxi in Fira?

Finding a taxi in Fira is relatively easy due to its status as a central hub in Santorini. There are several taxi stands located around the town, particularly near the main square and bus station. You can also hail a taxi on the street or book one by phone or online. During peak times, you might experience a short (but sometimes long!) wait, but taxis are generally plentiful in this busy area. If you’re at a hotel or restaurant, staff can often call a taxi for you as well.

How do I find a taxi in Oia?

Finding a taxi in Oia can be more challenging compared to Fira due to its smaller size and narrow streets. There is a taxi stand near the bus terminal and main square, where you can find taxis waiting.

Yellow number plates and a small badge on the door are the distinguishing features of taxis in Santorini, Greece
Yellow number plates and a small badge on the door are the distinguishing features of taxis in Santorini, Greece

You can also book a taxi through local taxi services or online. During peak tourist season, pre-booking a taxi is recommended to avoid long wait times. If you’re dining at a restaurant or staying at a hotel, staff can often call a taxi for you.

How do I find a taxi in Santorini’s remote areas?

Oh, that’s a tough question. In Santorini’s remote areas, finding a taxi can be more challenging, so it’s best to arrange transportation in advance. You can call local taxi services to book a pick-up. If you’re staying in a remote location, your accommodation might assist in arranging a taxi for you. Planning ahead can ensure you have transportation when you need it in less accessible parts of the island.

How do I find a taxi from the Santorini ferry port?

At the Santorini (new) ferry port of Athinios, taxis are available at the designated taxi stand near the ferry terminal. Due to high demand, especially when multiple ferries arrive, there might be a queue for taxis. Pre-booking a taxi or arranging a transfer through your accommodation can save time and ensure a smoother transition from the port to your destination. If you prefer to find a taxi on arrival, be prepared for possible wait times and check for any additional fees if you have a lot of luggage. Port staff can assist you in locating the taxi stand if needed.

What are the taxi rates from Santorini ferry port to Fira?

The taxi fare from the Santorini ferry port (Athinios) to Fira typically ranges between 30-40 euro. The distance is about 10 kilometers (5 miles), and the ride takes approximately 20 minutes under normal traffic conditions. Fares can vary based on the time of day, the season, and the number of passengers. Ensure you confirm the fare with the driver before starting the trip. If there’s heavy traffic or if you’re traveling during peak times, the fare might be slightly higher, so having a bit of extra cash is advisable.

Can I request a taxi with a child car seat in Santorini?

Yes, absolutely! You can request a taxi with a child car seat in Santorini, but it’s essential to do so in advance. Not all taxis in Santorini have child seats, so it’s important to request one when booking your taxi. If you’re traveling with young children, specify your need for a child seat to ensure the taxi company can provide it. Many services offer this option, especially if booked online in advance.

Can I take a taxi from Santorini to the airport early in the morning?

Yes, taxis are available to take you to Santorini Airport early in the morning. It’s recommended to book your taxi in advance if you have an early flight to ensure a timely pick-up. Most taxi services operate 24/7, but planning ahead is advisable. Confirm your booking three or five days in advance and provide your flight details to ensure the driver knows your schedule. Hotel receptions can also assist with arranging early morning transportation.

How can I get a taxi late at night in Santorini?

Getting a taxi late at night in Santorini can be more challenging, but it’s possible by calling a local taxi service or by booking online. Booking in advance is highly recommended if you know you’ll need a taxi during late hours. Airport, seaport, and major towns like Fira and Oia have taxis operating 24/7, but in smaller villages or remote areas, availability may be limited. Hotel receptions often have contacts with taxi services and can arrange late-night transportation for guests.

Is it safe to take taxis in Santorini at night?

Yes, taking taxis in Santorini at night is generally safe, provided you use licensed and reputable taxi services. Santorini is a popular tourist destination, and taxi drivers are accustomed to late-night travelers.

Do taxis charge extra for luggage in Santorini?

Taxis in Santorini typically do not charge extra for standard luggage, though there might be additional fees for oversized or excessive luggage. If you have a lot of baggage or items like sports equipment, it’s best to inform the taxi service in advance or check with the driver before starting the trip. In most cases, the standard fare includes the cost of luggage, but always clarify to avoid surprises. If you’re traveling with a group or have special luggage needs, booking a larger vehicle can provide more space and comfort. You may want to consider booking a private transfer.

Can I share a taxi with other passengers in Santorini?

Yes and no. Sharing a taxi with other passengers is not a common practice in Santorini, but it’s not entirely unheard of, especially if you’re traveling from high-traffic areas like the airport or ferry port. If you’re open to sharing, you can ask the driver if they are willing to pick up additional passengers heading in the same direction. However, most taxis operate on a private hire basis, meaning the fare is typically calculated for the entire vehicle rather than per person. For group travel, consider booking a larger vehicle or minivan to accommodate everyone comfortably. Also think about private transfers (so you can pre-book a van or even bus).

Can I use ridesharing services like Uber in Santorini?

No. Ridesharing services like Lyft or Uber are not available in Santorini. Instead, local taxi services and online services provide similar functions. Traditional taxis and pre-booked services remain the main means of transport on the island, not to mention buses. It’s advisable to familiarize yourself with online taxi services in advance to ensure smooth travel during your stay.

Are taxis in Santorini accessible for disabled passengers?

Generally speaking, no, unfortunately. Accessibility varies among taxis in Santorini, with some vehicles equipped to accommodate disabled passengers, including those using wheelchairs. When booking a taxi, specify your need for an accessible vehicle to ensure suitable arrangements. For guaranteed accessibility, it’s best to book a private transfer instead and make sure the car or van meets your requirements.

Can I book a taxi in advance in Santorini?

Yes, booking a taxi in advance in Santorini is recommended, especially during the busy tourist season or for early morning or late-night rides. You can book through online platforms, or directly with local taxi services. Pre-booking ensures you have a guaranteed ride and allows you to specify any special requirements, such as additional luggage space or child seats. Confirmation of the booking details, including driver contact information, is usually provided, making it easier to locate your taxi when needed.

How do I arrange a taxi for a large group in Santorini?

For large groups, it’s advisable to book a minivan or even bus. We can help with it.


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