Santorini is a very small island with a population of about fifteen thousand people. At the same time, our island welcomes millions of tourists every year, and guests come not only during the summer, but also during the winter holidays. In other words, our island is almost never empty!

If you are going to Santorini on your own, there are two things to consider: every plane that arrives on the island brings several hundred tourists, every ferry that docks in the port adds another three to four hundred to fifteen hundred people, and a cruise ship can send more than five thousand people ashore at once! Of course, everyone wants to get to their hotel or villa as quickly as possible and preferably with maximum comfort.

In the case of our group tours or excursions, there are no problems – all issues of transfer of guests are solved in advance and the transfer around the island is already included in the price of the ticket or tour. In other cases, it is better to arrange transport in advance.

It does not matter whether you arrive at the port or the airport of Santorini, because there are not many options: you can take a shuttle bus, a private transfer or book a taxi in Santorini in advance, finding out the price and conditions of travel on the route you are interested in. Hoping to find a car immediately on arrival is not highly recommended – there is a risk of overpaying considerably or even staying without a transfer. Now for the details (or if you just want to see prices and book as soon as possible, click here).

What kind of cars are used in a taxi in Santorini?

The taxi service in Santorini is almost the same as any other taxi service in Greece. Basically the taxi fleet consists of Mercedes C, E and S class cars:

Yellow number plates and a small badge on the door are the distinguishing features of taxis in Santorini, Greece
Yellow number plates and a small badge on the door are the distinguishing features of taxis in Santorini, Greece

Sometimes it can be other European cars like Opel Insignia (less common), Volkswagen Passat or Skoda Superb (more common).

Most of the cars are new (3-5 years old) and in good condition, but sometimes you can see old “600s” or legendary Mercedes cars from the 90s – they are still driven here! But they are also in good condition: they are the favourite cars of the locals 🙂

Taxi in Santorini: the legendary Mercedes of the nineties of the twentieth century
Taxi in Santorini: the legendary Mercedes of the nineties of the twentieth century

In addition, you can book an economy option or a minibus on the island – if you are coming with a large family or a group, but most likely it will be better to use a personal transfer – and we can help you with that.

How much is a taxi in Santorini: taxi prices on the island in 2024

When we talked about the differences between Santorini taxis and similar services in the rest of Greece, we used the word “practically” for a reason. On the island, there is one key feature that distinguishes Santorini taxis from other Greek destinations. As you may have guessed – it’s the price of a trip around the island.

Taxis in Santorini do not use a taximeter to calculate the cost of your trip. The combination of the island’s year-round popularity, its small size and almost total lack of competition makes the cost of a taxi in Santorini one of the highest in all of Greece! Of course, our island is not the most accessible in terms of prices, but taxis are just another proof of this – there are only a few dozen cars on the island!

Taxi services in Santorini are very, very expensive: a 5-minute ride can cost 20 euro

Santorinika Travel Agency, from personal experience of living on the island

If you ask for a taxi on the street or order one at the hotel reception, the price can be unpleasant: you may spend only 5-7 minutes in the car, but you will have to pay 20-30 euro!

Despite the high taxi prices, it is still very difficult to find a free car: demand often exceeds supply, especially during the summer season – from April-May and until October-November. In July and August, you may not even be able to call some services – free cars will not be available until the next day or even later.

This is where aggregator services such as Kiwitaxi come in, which collect information about all cars and provide the opportunity to book a taxi on the island. An important point: even such services will not help you to book a taxi, conditionally, in half an hour or an hour – orders are formed at least a day, in rare cases – 12 hours.

It is better to check prices in advance and have at least a rough idea of how much a taxi will cost in Santorini. Let’s take a look at the most popular routes. In 2024, you can focus on the following prices for the most popular destinations, provided you book a car in advance (at least 24 hours in advance) in this service.

Taxi fare from Santorini Airport

The price of taxi from the airport when booking online:

The price of the return route is the same.

The above prices reflect the approximate cost of a taxi trip in Santorini, which may vary depending on the season, time of day and, of course, the vehicle chosen. However, all taxi fare lists always indicate the price per car for a particular route and the taxi driver has no right to charge extra for luggage, number of passengers or anything else.

The price is fixed at the time of booking if you book a taxi in Santorini online

Depending on your needs, you can find the right car for you, navigate prices and book a taxi in Santorini in advance – to the port, airport or hotel.

The high price of taxis in Santorini is not the only thing to consider in advance. It is also worth remembering that the number of cars available for passenger transport on the island is extremely limited.

The island has an area of only 90 square kilometers, and finding a free car without a reservation is almost unreal. If it’s still possible in late fall and winter, don’t count on it in high season, and it’s not even a question of cost – there are only a few dozen licensed taxis on the island.

There are only a few dozen taxis in Santorini

Finding an available car without a reservation is virtually impossible. However, individual transfer services – services licensed for commercial passenger transport – are helpful. These are not taxis – in some ways they are even better: these cars do not stand on the roadside waiting for customers, but work on a reservation basis, which guarantees a ride. At the same time, the cost is comparable or even lower.

Book a taxi in Santorini

It’s easy to book a taxi through Kiwitaxi in advance. Once you have chosen your route and the type of vehicle you want, simply fill in a small form and your order is complete!

You will need to provide the route, date, time and location of the meeting, your name and your contact details: mobile phone number and email.

Immediately after registering, you will receive an email confirming your individual transfer booking. Print it out and don’t forget to take it with you. The same letter with detailed information and your contact details will be sent to your driver, so he will know the date and route of the trip in advance. You won’t even have to explain anything to him when you meet him!

Personalized service

If you prefer the service of individual transfers rather than ordering a taxi, we will be happy to arrange the trips you require.

The ordering process is very similar and you can compare prices on the special page. One of the benefits of booking an individual transfer is our support service – we are here to help and answer any questions you may have.

You can see the options in the appropriate section or contact our office directly at +30 (697) 448-448-3 (you can use WhatsApp), or if you prefer to communicate by email – send a message to


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