Santorini towns

The most famous cities, towns and villages on the island

Thira town, the capital of Santorini and the largest city on the island

Fira (or Thira) is located almost in the center of Santorini, equidistant from the northern and southern extremities of the island. Our most important city is located about two hundred meters high on the steep cliffs of the west coast, with an amazing view of the volcano and the sea. The city of Thira is…

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Oia, the snow-white fairytale city in Santorini

When someone asks about the sights of Santorini, it is the town of Oia (Οια in Greek) that comes to my mind first. Oia is probably the most beautiful town on the entire island of Santorini. Well, okay, one of the most beautiful – we have literally one or two other towns that can compete…

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Kamari, a coastal small town with a black volcanic beach in Santorini

For those who have already visited us in Santorini, the word Kamari represents endless black beach and endless fun. But Kamari is also a very cozy little town that has literally grown up along the beautiful black coast. If you think back to history, the town of Kamari in Santorini was founded only in the…

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