Santorini beaches

Best beaches for swimming and sunbathing

Perissa beach: black volcanic beach in Santorini

Today we’re not just going to another volcanic beach – the black beach of Perissa (Περισα παραλια, Perissa beach), the biggest volcanic beach in Santorini, is waiting for us! This is a very famous and popular place, and many of the locals will call it almost the best choice for a beach vacation – and…

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Vlychada beach in Santorini: walking through the moonscapes

Today is another beach day, and we are going on a long journey, one might even say, to the edge of the world – to the very south of the island of Santorini. One of the most unusual beaches on our island, Vlychada beach, awaits us. The beach takes its name from the small village…

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Kamari beach: Santorini’s blackest beach

On the southeast coast of Santorini is one of the most famous and popular beaches of our island, the beach of Kamari (Καμαρι παραλια in Greek) with volcanic black sand. The main feature and uniqueness of this place is unusual for most beaches in color: for five kilometers of the entire beach is covered with…

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Red beach in Santorini: a beach with bright red sand on the south coast of the island

Our island is known not only for its white houses, churches with blue domes and beautiful sunsets. The beach lovers will also appreciate the beach component, because the small island boasts not only a notable number of beaches, but also a variety of beach types, or rather colors, shades and forms! On our island you…

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White beach in Santorini: literally the island’s lightest beach!

Our island is of volcanic origin, which means that all kinds of deep rocks have burst to the earth’s surface in these places. In any case, most of the island’s beaches consist entirely of dark rocks, and only one beach in the south of Santorini can boast an unusual white color. Aspri beach (Ασπρη παραλια…

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