Are you a group tour organiser? Or are you travelling with a large group yourself? Are you planning to visit our island with a large group of travellers or perhaps it is a company trip? Whatever it is, when travelling in a group, especially to a new country, one of the key issues is ease of travel and hiring a bus with driver for group transfer in Santorini becomes an essential service.

We offer a wide range of travel solutions to suit every need and budget. The bus rental service in Santorini is the best choice for medium and large group travel. You can choose from a variety of charter buses, from the budget for simple passenger transportation to luxury buses for comfortable traveling or transfer. Getting around Santorini in comfort and style will be easy!

In this article we will explain the advantages of renting a bus in Santorini and the problems this service solves, as well as the different types of minibuses and buses, so that you can make an informed choice in advance.

Advantages and benefits of renting bus or coach for group transportation in Santorini

As soon as you arrive in Santorini, you can forget all your worries. Settle into the comfortable seat of the bus, relax (even if you are a tour organiser), tune into the perception of new impressions and go straight to your hotel in one of the beautiful towns of the island.

We can help you organise group bus transportation in Santorini – punctual, comfortable, safe and carefree, to the satisfaction of all group members and tour organisers.

Bus hire with driver in Santorini: transfers for groups in minivan, minibus, bus or coach

Comfort and convenience

Hiring a chauffeured bus in Santorini for a group allows all travellers to stay together during the journey, creating a more comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. If there is a tour leader with the group, it will be much easier for him to manage the whole process, and an experienced driver, who knows the local roads and specifics of driving, will take everyone to the hotel in the meantime.

Time saving and flexible schedules

A group transfer saves time that would otherwise be spent searching for public transport or multiple vehicles to transport all participants, as well as coordinating multiple drivers and all group members. Group transfers also offer the convenience of a bus schedule and route that can be tailored to the group’s schedule.


Your bus will be driven by a professional driver who has a long experience in Santorini and therefore knows the area well. Travelling together in a bus ensures the safety of the whole group, especially in an unfamiliar city or country (is this your first time in Santorini or have you been here before?). Coordinating a group of 5-7 people is quite easy, leading a group of 20-30 people is more challenging…

When you have 50 or more people travelling, it’s an art form – and it’s time to use the right tools and services

We are happy to help organize any group bus transfers on our island!

Which bus to rent in Santorini for a group transfer?

There are various types of minivans, minibuses and buses, but Santorini has its own local specificity. In short, it’s all about the transport network – the roads designed in the days before buses and group transfers. Now for the details.

Small minivans up to 9 seats

These can be Volkswagen Transporter, Caravelle and Multivan, Mercedes-Benz Vito and Viano – and so on. The modifications of each model may vary – there are minivans with 6, 7, 8 and 9 seats. These compact vehicles are ideal for small groups or family trips. They can easily manoeuvre through narrow streets and are comfortable. In 99% of cases, minivans can drive right up to the hotels just because of their small size, so 9-seaters are very popular in Santorini.

Minibuses or medium-sized buses up to 20 seats

In 90% of cases it is Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in various modifications for 12, 15, 18 and 20 seats. This class is suitable for medium-sized groups. They provide comfortable space and at the same time allow the group to stay compact and travel together. In 95% of cases, these minibuses can also drive right up to the hotels, as their dimensions still allow them to maneuver on the vast majority of Santorini’s streets. The most popular are the 12-seater and the 20-seater, such as these:

Rent a minivan with driver in Santorini, Greece: 12 seater and 20 seater Mercedes Sprinter
20 seater and 12 seater Mercedes Sprinter

Luxury minivans and minibuses are also available for hire. These may offer more comfortable leather seats and a more refined interior. For example, this is the interior of a 12-seat Mercedes Sprinter minibus:

Luxury Mercedes Sprinter hire for group transfers in Santorini, Greece
Inside a 12-seat Mercedes Sprinter luxury minibus

And this is what the interior of a luxury Mercedes Sprinter minibus with 20 seats looks like during a transfer in the evening:

Rent a 20 seater Mercedes Sprinter for group transfers in Santorini, Greece
20-seat Mercedes Sprinter luxury limousine for group transfers in Santorini, Greece

Large buses from 20 to 45 seats

For example, Mercedes-Benz Atego, Iveco Wing, Man Touring Noge and similar – in 30, 35, 40 and 45 seat versions. Suitable for larger groups such as tour groups, corporate travel or conference groups. They offer more space for passengers and their luggage, providing a comfortable and convenient travel experience. These coaches can still drive up to most major hotels and stop as close to them as possible on narrow or winding roads.

Largest buses for groups of 50 people or more

Mercedes Tourismo, Volvo Irizar, models from Neoplan, Scania and more spacious buses like Man Lions. This type of bus is ideal for very large groups. There are bus options for transfers of 50, 60 and even 75 people. All of them provide maximum capacity and comfort for all passengers.

Large 50 seater coaches Volvo Irizar for hire in Santorini for group transfers
Large 50 seater coaches Volvo Irizar for hire in Santorini for group transfers

The only possible disadvantage of this option is not the bus itself, but the roads in Santorini (you will see them and understand everything): our island has very narrow roads, a lot of one-way traffic, the turns in the towns are very steep and the roads are almost always parked, especially in Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli and Oia. This can make it difficult for a large bus, but even so, the driver will do his best to get you as close to your destination as possible.

How to choose the right bus for a group transfer in Santorini?

There are two basic approaches to solving this problem. The first is to try to choose a coach that exactly matches the number of people in your group. This will usually save you some money, but there may be nuances in the placement of luggage (because in small buses the luggage compartments are also small, and even a small number of tourists can have a large amount of luggage). The second option is to choose a slightly larger bus, for example, the next class of capacity. In this case, firstly, everyone will be seated as comfortably as possible in the cabin, and secondly, all the luggage will definitely fit in the bus.

A separate case worth mentioning is if your hotel is located somewhere in the central parts of cities on narrow streets or even in pedestrian zones. In such a case, we can advise you to hire two medium-sized buses instead of renting one large coach for your group transfer. This may be important in case the coach has to stop earlier before your hotel due to lack of suitable roads (we know such places in Santorini and can warn you in advance).

If you already know the exact number of people in your group, or if your group is still being formed, you can always contact us to discuss the options available. We can suggest several suitable alternatives from which you can choose the best group transfer option for you and your group.

Minivan and coach bus rental rates in Santorini

Determining the rental price for a bus with a driver involves several factors that contribute to the overall cost. Fuel costs, insurance and all taxes are always included. If you would like to estimate how much it will cost to rent a bus with a driver in Santorini for a group transfer, please consider the following important points.

Vehicle type and class

The type of bus being rented significantly impacts the rental price. Larger coaches with more seating capacity generally cost more to rent than smaller buses, but speaking of price per seat – yes, they are more cost-effective. Also keep in mind that economy buses are always cheaper than luxury buses (especially those with fewer seats, which are however larger and more comfortable than regular seats).

Location, route and distance to travel

The distance the bus will be traveling plays a role in determining the rental price. Longer distances or areas that are difficult to access may incur additional fuel charges.

Duration of rental

The length of time the bus is needed for rental affects the price. Longer rental periods typically result in lower hourly rates compared to short-term rentals. Try to decide if you need to hire a bus with a driver to get from point A to B, or if you want to rent it for a multi-stop route for the day, etc.

Seasonal demand

Santorini is an extremely popular island. No doubt about it. Rental prices may fluctuate based on seasonal demand. Peak seasons, such as summer months, often have higher rental rates due to increased demand. Sometimes, especially if you need to rent a bus “tomorrow”, it is almost impossible to find a bus with a driver that is available. This is another reason why it’s a good idea to hire a bus with a driver in advance.

Additional services and special requirements

Additional services requested, such as different onboard amenities, a tour guide, etc., may affect the rental price. Any special requirements or customization needed for the rental, such as wheelchair accessibility or specific seating arrangements, may incur additional costs.

By considering these factors in detail, we can accurately determine the price for renting a bus with a driver in Santorini.

Hire a bus with driver for group transfers in Santorini

All buses and coaches have air conditioning to ensure a comfortable temperature in the cabin and you can ask the driver to adjust the temperature to suit you. Each bus and coach have comfortable seats to ensure a pleasant journey. The passenger windows are tinted with a special film: you will not be too hot, your eyes will not be too bright, but you will be able to start exploring our island on the way.

Regardless of the type of vehicle you choose, when you book a bus for group transfer in Santorini, you will get:

  • Bus in excellent technical condition;
  • Licensed service and a qualified driver who is familiar with the island and all local transfers;
  • Bus pick-up at the agreed time and place, taking into account the required comfort class and the required number of seats;
  • Optimally planned route to your destination on the island;
  • Possibility of stops on the way by prior arrangement;
  • In case of bus rental in Santorini for group transfer to the hotel after arrival on the island – waiting for passengers at the agreed time, meeting with a sign and delivery to the hotel or as close as possible to the point where transportation is still possible;
  • For bus tours – pre-negotiated itinerary and, if necessary, an accompanying guide.

Group transfers by rented buses in Santorini are extremely convenient for groups, as all participants travel together and no one gets lost. In addition, the bus transfer guarantees a smooth and safe delivery of passengers to the right place and a high level of comfort during the trip.

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