Finding the island of Santorini on a map of Greece is a fairly straightforward task. Everyone knows that you have to look for the location of a small Greek island of volcanic origin, located in the Aegean Sea and part of the Cyclades archipelago, which, by the way, means “lying around”.

If you look at a map of Greece and the Aegean Sea, you will notice that our archipelago consists of more than two hundred islands, forming several groups that extend from the northwest to the southeast. The easiest way to orientate yourself is to look at the surrounding large islands: Crete at the bottom, Naxos at the top, Rhodes to the right, Milos to the left, and Santorini is roughly in the middle. The GPS coordinates for the location of our island are 36.40464, 25.45255. It’s that simple!

Santorini sights on the map

We at Santorini Travel Agency decided to make an interactive map: we live on the island, organize excursions and show its beauty, so why not show and tell about Santorini on a map in a convenient format and online?

In order to do this, we have studied the entire island, visited every town, every beach, mapped all the attractions of Santorini on a map, described them in detail and are constantly updating all the information we have gathered.

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How to use the Sightseeing Map

We have tried to mark almost all the attractions of Santorini Island on the map. In addition, our interactive map of Santorini Island contains many special markers of various kinds – from bus stops to beaches – so it can help you plan your own holiday on our island.

Clicking on any of the icons on the map will give you a brief description of the selected location, as well as a link to the corresponding article with our stories, photos, and all the details.

Symbols on the map of Santorini

– airport
– seaport
– bus station
– town
– lighthouse
– monastery, church
– museum
– beach
– attraction

What will come in handy in Santorini

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If driving is not your thing, it’s best to arrange a way to get around the island beforehand. Check the bus timetables, compare taxi offers from Kiwitaxi and our transfer options.

Book a car

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Tours and guides

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