Information about buses on bus tours in Santorini

After reservation, we will send you full information: the exact location and time you will get into the bus and what the bus will look like (company label, color etc.)

The place of meeting depends on the excursion you choose and the hotel you are living in.

Santorini is a very small island; we have many too narrow roads and one-way roads. In addition, there are many pedestrian areas on which, nevertheless – there are plenty of hotels.

To some hotels the bus may go literally to the main entrance – you just need to get out on the road, from others will need to walk a little to the nearest suitable meeting point. Usually it is a central wide road, a large square, a parking area, and so on – that place where a tour bus or at least a transfer car can freely pass.

On most group tours, we use large tour buses with 50 seats. If the is a small group tour, then minibuses with 9, 13, 16 or 19 seats are used as transportation. All buses are equipped with air conditioning.

No. If you travel with us, booked and paid for the excursions on time, there can be no such situation.

No. All excursions in Santorini are without specific seats on the tour bus. The voucher includes the right to any available seat on the bus, except for the driver’s seat, the guide’s seat and the seats of the other staff.

Some of our buses and buses of our partners have free Wi-Fi. However, all trips around the island are so short that it’s very rare to use it 🙂 Your guide can tell you all the details about using Wi-Fi.

No. Of course, there are still toilets in the buses, but they are always not in use. This is due to the use of specific chemicals in such devices, the recycling and disposal plants of which are not available on the island. Combined with concern for the environment and bans on polluting seawater, the issue is solved more easily: sanitary stops at stationary places are always scheduled during each trip.

Yes. All buses are equipped with powerful air conditioning.

Yes. We try to use only new buses for excursions. We also make sure that our partners also use as new and clean buses in good condition as possible, and that the drivers are always rested and awake.