Santorini tours highlights

Remember to make sure your clock is set to local time (Athens, Greece, GMT+2). We have daylight saving time and winter time. The local time in Santorini during the summer season is the same as Athens time.

At the meeting time, the bus or transfer car will pick you up from your hotel or the nearest pick-up point. Please make sure that you are at the exact location indicated in the information letter we sent you. For your convenience, we will also send you the gps location, a map path from your hotel to the pick-up point.

During the morning pick up services some force major could happened: someone may get lost, somewhere on the narrow roads of the island may be a traffic jam or wrong-parked vehicle blocking the road and so on. As a result, the tour buses may sometimes delay by 5-10 minutes. We ask you to be respectful to this.

Anyway, we will inform you for every changes or delays by phone. For this reason, it is highly recommended to have a cell phone with a full battery.

For the majority of trips there is no need for it, but you will need your passport or ID card for boat trips and helicopter flights. Nevertheless, we always advise to have a passport or ID card photo on your cell phone: this will solve 99% of all possible situations when you might need to spell your name, document number or some additional data correctly.

In addition to the detailed description of the trips on the website in the information letter we will give you all the highlights about the date, place and meeting time with the tour bus, as well as give all the necessary details.

You can print the tour voucher you receive in the information letter after buying the tour, or you can have a picture of it on your phone or tablet screen. This will be enough to get in the bus or yacht.

At the time we give you, a bus or transfer car will pick you up, and the driver will ask to show your voucher. Your name and voucher number are already in the driver’s list of customers. He will need to make sure that you are the right tourist he needs to meet. This is when he will need the original, a printed copy, or the image of the tourist voucher on your phone.

On the bus, you can take any empty seats, except those reserved for the driver, tour guides and other staff.

Before the tour begins, the driver tours the hotels until all participants are on the bus. The guide will already be on the bus or will join you at some point during the gathering of participants.

Once the entire group is collected, the guide will begin the tour. You will visit places according to the program or with slight changes (the guide can make some changes in a program for the convenience of customers).

Before leaving the bus, the guide always tells you the time and place where you will meet the bus again. Generally, the bus will be waiting for you in the same place where you got off. Please try to remember or write this location down.

When you return to the bus, your guide will be sure to check the list of the participants. If everyone is in place, the bus continues the route.

If you are more than 10 minutes late for the bus departure time without telling anything to the guide, the bus will continue on its route.

When the tour ends, the bus or transfer cars take you back to the hotel or nearby locations that can be reached by transportation.

The schedule in the description is an approximate, but sufficiently accurate time, and tours are usually go according to this schedule. However, sometimes the schedule of the tour may change, as well as the order of places to visit (for example, if there is traffic jam on the roads and the bus delayed or change its route). Guide will inform you about any significant changes in the program.

In the information letter, we will send you tour voucher and all details you need:

  • A map of the place where the bus will pick you up and the way to that place from your hotel. Most often the pickup point is right in front of your hotel (square, large parking lot…), but sometimes there are exceptions if, for example, the hotel cannot be approached due to a narrow road, one-way traffic or a pedestrian zone;
  • The gps location of the place the bus will pick you up;;
  • Company label on the bus which will pick you up;
  • Exact bus boarding time. This time will not change, only case of need it could be changed. Anyway? we will inform you for all the changes in advance. So please check your phone and communicators before the tour. Sometimes the bus may be 5-10 minutes delay from the time listed on your voucher. Although Santorini is not a large island at all, it has very narrow roads, many one-way streets or exclusively pedestrian areas. It can also be the result of force major on the road: traffic jams and other road situations along the way, finding other customers at the pickup points and so on. The bus may arrive a little earlier than the specified time, but in this case it will wait for you and in no case will leave without you before time.

The bus may delay for 5-10 minutes. It is better you have with you a phone with a full battery and connected Internet. Then we will be able to inform you about any changes or delays. If you feel worry you can call or write to our hotline at any time customer care department, and we will answer you right away.

Unfortunately, we only have about 5-10 minutes to call you and help you get on the bus if you are late. After the time stated on your voucher, the bus must continue on its route so that other guests do not have to wait.

If you do not get on the bus, you also lose the tour. However, you can catch up with the bus by cab and transfer to the bus at the next tourist gathering point. We can help in this situation, but the cab is at the yours expense.

Call our support line right away or write to our hotline. We will alert your guide or driver right away and help you find your bus. If you are more than 15 minutes late to the bus without warning, the bus will leave further down the route.

You can reschedule your Santorini excursion or change to another excursion (of the same or higher value – with surcharge) no later than 24 hours before the excursion. To do this, please contact our Customer Care staff.

Please note that once this deadline has passed, it will not be possible to make changes: the line-up of participants in the buses will already be finalized.

Of course! Contact us and let us know the date of arrival to Santorini, the duration of your vacation, how many people you are and the hotel you stay, as well as what do you like to see in Santorini. We will make for you a perfect vacation program and help you to make it true.