Santorini is a very popular tourist destination and has an efficient and relatively inexpensive public bus system operated by KTEL Santorini. Here is a comprehensive guide to bus tickets for travelling by public bus in Santorini in 2024.

Types of bus tickets and fares

In Santorini we have only single tickets – no weekly, monthly or seasonal passes. The bus fares in Santorini vary depending on the distance and the route. Typically, tickets cost between 1.80 and 2.50 euro. The most common routes generally cost around 2 euro, so in most cases, count on this amount regardless of the itinerary.

Living on an island in the Mediterranean, we do have some seasonal variations – and not just in the weather. During peak tourist season (June to September), additional routes and more frequent services are available, sometimes leading to minor variations in pricing. In the low season there may be fewer routes and reduced frequencies with lower prices.

How to buy bus tickets in Santorini

Most drivers, conductors and many locals speak English, so language barriers are usually minimal when purchasing tickets or asking for directions.

On the Bus

Tickets can be purchased directly from the driver or conductor on the bus. You can pay in cash, so it’s a good idea to carry small change. Please note, that conductors usually make rounds during the journey to check and sell tickets too.

Bus Stations

Tickets can also be bought at the main bus station in Fira, the central hub for buses on the island. Some bus stops in major tourist areas might have ticket booths, but this is less common. The main rule is that if you want to buy bus tickets then you have to do it at the main bus station in Fira.

Queue to buy tickets for the shuttle bus to Santorini, main station in Fira
Queue to buy tickets for the shuttle bus to Santorini, main station in Fira

Online and App Purchases

It would be great, but… it would be great 🙂 As of now (June 2024), KTEL Santorini does not offer online ticket purchases or a dedicated mobile app for buying tickets. The main way remains to buy on board or at the bus station in Fira, which is the central point for most bus routes on the island. Almost all buses either start in Fira or pass through it, so you won’t miss out 🙂

How much does a ticket cost: public bus fares in Santorini in 2024

Let’s be honest: Santorini is a very expensive place and therefore the cost of bus tickets is really surprising. Compared to literally anything, it is very, very low! Yes, the journey is usually between 5 and 30 minutes, but still. Ticket prices are still pretty affordable. However, if you’re travelling as a family or a large group, you can sometimes order an individual transfer for comparable money – and it will be much more comfortable and much more accurate in terms of timetable, not to mention that you won’t have to look for bus stops, walk a lot or spend time waiting (you can check taxi rates and private transfer prices).

Now for the details. The latest KTEL fare update (June 2024) has set the following prices for bus tickets to Santorini:

RoutePrice (€)DiscountDistance (km)
Fira – Akrotiri (beach)2.001.0016
Fira – Akrotiri (village)2.001.0015
Fira – Baxedes2.001.0015
Fira – Emporio2.001.0014
Fira – Exo Gonia1.001.506
Fira – Imerovigli2.001.003
Fira – Kamari2.001.007
Fira – Monolithos1.001.506
Fira – Oia2.001.0012
Fira – Perissa2.501.2020
Fira – Perivolos2.501.2020
Fira – Port (Athinios)2.501.2018
Fira – Pyrgos1.001.504
Fira – Vlychada2.501.2020
Fira – Vothonas1.001.504
Fira – Vourvoulos1.001.503
Kamari – Port (Athinios)2.401.2020
Karterados – Akrotiri (beach)2.001.0016
Karterados – Emporio2.001.0014
Karterados – Perissa2.101.1017
Karterados – Port (Athinios)2.001.0012
Karterados – Vlychada2.301.3019
Megalochori – Emporio1.001.504
Messaria – Akrotiri (beach)2.001.0013
Messaria – Akrotiri (village)2.001.0012
Messaria – Emporio2.001.0011
Messaria – Perissa2.001.0014
Messaria – Port (Athinios)2.001.0011
Messaria – Vlychada2.001.0016
Perissa – Port (Athinios)2.001.0012

Students can get a 25% discount on bus tickets. Discount for 50% is available for people with many children or any kind of disability.

The bus system in Santorini, operated by KTEL, is a cost-effective way to explore the island, especially for budget-conscious travelers. While purchasing tickets on the bus is the norm, being prepared with small change and arriving early for popular routes can enhance your travel experience. Understanding the seasonal variations and bus schedules will help you make the most of your time on our beautiful island.

And as a final words, again, buses in Santorini can sometimes be late, so it’s important to have a flexible schedule, especially if you’re connecting to a ferry or flight. In such case it’s better to choose an earlier bus, book a taxi or private transfer.

What can be useful for holidays in Santorini

Are you planning a holiday in Santorini? Or are you already on the island? We are happy to help you organise your vacation! Check out tips, services and offers:

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Hotels and villas

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If driving is not your thing, it’s best to arrange a way to get around the island beforehand. Check the bus timetables, compare taxi offers from Kiwitaxi and our transfer options.

Book a car

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