The Fira – Oia bus route provides connections between two of the biggest, most beautiful and of course most famous towns in Santorini. Once you get to the island, the first thing you’ll probably want to do is visit stunning Oia, before returning to the town in the evening to watch the sunset. However, you can stay in Oia for that too πŸ™‚

The distance between Thira and Oia is only about 11 kilometers, and under normal circumstances it will take about 20 minutes to get from Thira to Oia by bus. Keep in mind that in the evening before sunset, when many people on tourist buses, special transfer minibuses and rented cars come from all over the island to catch the sunset, the travel time from Fira to Oia can take more than an hour! A similar situation can be observed in the morning around 11 o’clock, when cruise ships and liners arrive on the island.

The bus service in Santorini is operated by KTEL and it is probably the most popular bus service in Santorini, not to mention the route to this amazing town! πŸ™‚

Bus route from Fira to Oia

Santorini’s bus routes converge at one key point: the main bus station in the capital. It is from here that the bus to Oia departs.

Fira bus station: shuttle buses in Santorini, Greece
Fira bus station: shuttle buses in Santorini, Greece

The bus from Thira to Oia passes through the village of Imerovigli. From there you can get to the Skaros viewpoint. In fact, this bus line can be used to travel to this village. This route is also one of the most beautiful along the west coast of our island. The bus route between Fira and Oia on the map of Santorini:

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Oia bus stop on the map

The bus stop in Oia is located on the eastern side of the village. The village itself consists almost entirely of pedestrian zones. In order to get to the caldera you have to walk through the village. Getting lost is unlikely, and even if you take the wrong street, you will still end up on the promenade πŸ™‚ Bus stop in Oia is marked on the map above.

Bus timetable from Fira to Oia in 2024

From Thira to Oia, buses start early – as early as 7:00 am. The buses run every half an hour during the day, and towards the evening sometimes there can be a one hour break between buses. This is the most recent (May 2024) updated bus timetable provided by KTEL Santorini:


It takes approximately 20 minutes to get from Thira to Oia by bus. Please note that travel time can increase significantly during the high season, when traffic jams are not uncommon on our island’s roads. An hour or an hour and a half is very likely!

The last bus from Fira to Ia leaves at 22:00. There are no night buses on this route.

KTEL Santorini sometimes makes changes to the bus timetable – and in some cases several times during the week. Always check the bus schedule before you travel, or better yet, take the early buses that are more likely to get you to your destination on time

Santorinika Travel Agency, from personal experience of living on the island

Bus timetable from Oia to Fira in 2024

The return bus from Oia goes to the main bus station of Thira. The first trip usually leaves at 7:10, with about 30 minutes between trips. Sometimes in the evening the pause can be longer and you will have to wait about an hour for a bus. This is the latest update of the KTEL Santorini bus schedule (May 2024):


The bus ride from Oia to Thira usually also takes about 20 minutes, and can also be delayed due to traffic congestion (especially in the evening – just after sunset).

There are also no buses at night from Oia to Fira: the bus service between the cities ends at 21:50.

Bus ticket prices and how to buy tickets from Fira to Oia in 2024

You can buy a bus ticket directly from the driver. The bus fare from Fira to Oia in 2024 is 2 euro.

A bus ticket from Thira to Oia for children up to and including six years of age is not required, so they ride for free, and the price for children aged seven to twelve years inclusive is half the full price of a bus ticket on that route. No additional fees or special luggage tickets are necessary.

Five important things about the bus timetable from Fira to Oia

We want to share five basic facts you should know about bus routes between Fira and Oia village and on our island in general:

  1. The central bus stop in Santorini is located in Fira, the heart of the island and its capital. It is the main bus station.
  2. All buses in Santorini take their routes from there and return there as well.
  3. You can get from almost any other part of the island and back on regular buses, but you almost always have to go through the central bus station and make a connection there.
  4. Bus timetables are different at weekends and also during the winter season (especially!). The gaps between buses can be an hour and a half or two hours instead of half an hour, and sometimes more. In general, the bus schedule on the island is quite… unstable and conditional. Sometimes it can change twice a week. Sad, but true.
  5. You can buy bus tickets in the bus for cash (euros). It is better to prepare in advance coins or small banknotes of 5 or 10 euros.

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